The purest coffee is from A Brasileira

A stimulus for the senses

A stimulus

for the senses

Special moments, to be enjoyed with pleasure

Perfect for any time of day

A unique flavour, an intense aroma

Take the unique flavour of A Brasileira coffee home with you

The business was started by Adriano Telles, a Portuguese emigrant who married the daughter of one of the largest coffee producers in Minas Gerais, Brazil, before returning to Portugal. Here, he started to sell coffee, unknown at the time and an unpopular drink due to its bitter taste. With an eye on the obstacles that might prevent his customers from enjoying Brazilian coffee, he implemented the idea of creating a coffee shop where the product could be sampled, and he started giving away cups of coffee as a form of advertising.
A Brasileira do Chiado was the birthplace of the term “bica” (a Lisbon word for a shot of espresso) which according to one of several versions of the story, is an abbreviation of “drink this with sugar” (“beba isto com açúcar”), an incentive to make coffee (a novelty at the time) more pleasant for customers to drink whilst creating a habit and marking a ritual.